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Welcome to The Map Room

River tracing, hiking, and adventuring
in Taiwan

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The Best Adventure and Exploration Resources for Hiking, River Tracing / Stream Trekking / Stream Hiking / Sawanobori,
and More in Taiwan!

Master Map of Outdoor Destinations

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        Welcome to The Map Room, a growing collection and list of resources for adventurers, explorers, and outdoors enthusiasts in Taiwan! Among the many indispensable outdoor adventure planning tools you will find here are,

The Map Room's Map of Hot Springs in Taiwan

This map tries to bring together as many resources as possible about wild hot springs for river tracing in Taiwan. 

  • Chinese and English

  • Works on Google Maps!

  • Select hot springs have videos and links in the descriptions. 

  • Links to useful resources are included

  • The Map Room will try to keep this map RELATIVELY up to date, but it is impossible to always be on top of everything all the time. Please contact us if you see anything that needs attention, thanks!

  • Please consider supporting The Map Room. It takes a lot to run the website and maintain these resources, and every little bit helps!

This much expanded, improved, and translated map was based on this original map.

Original, anonymous creator's message:
"歡迎分享溫泉資訊 welcome to share info
be careful and enjoy." If you know who the original creator is, please contact TMR so we can credit them, thanks!


Check back often: updates, information, and new features coming very soon!


A collaboration between The Map Room and John Donohue. FB: John Joe Donna Ig: jdonohu3 (See details below).  

HUGE THANKS to John Donohue for all the very hard work that went into creating the base map, it wouldn't have happened without him! 

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