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Your Library and Best Source of Resources and Information to Plan your Next Adventure or Expedition

What is The Map Room?

The Map Room is a growing collection of resources for adventurers, explorers, and outdoor enthusiasts in Taiwan. It is my personal passion project, and its primary focus is on river tracing (aka stream trekking / stream hiking / sawanobori), with detailed guides and resources for some of the most popular river tracing destinations in Taiwan. There are specialized destination guides for hiking in Taiwan, as well as for tackling some of Taiwan's famous 100 peaks. Destination guides include custom maps and GPX downloads to help you plan your next adventure, as well as nitty gritty information to help turn your next trip or expedition into a success! They cover details like...

  • Famous river tracing and hiking destinations in Taiwan

  • Off the beaten path outdoors adventure travel destinations in Taiwan

  • GPX routes

  • Route maps

  • Photos and videos of the destinations

  • Difficulty levels

  • Length and time needed

  • Water sources

  • Campsites and lodging

  • What gear you'll need

  • Direct links to local weather forecasts

  • Getting there and away

  • Possible emergency exits

  • Family friendly or not... even tells you whether you can bring your dog! 


​The Map Room also strives to provide information about useful topics, such as:

  • Clothing and equipment for river tracing and hiking (like, 'what are river tracing shoes?')

  • Waterfall climbing

  • Rock climbing

  • Swimming through gorges

  • Bouldering

  • River canyons and mountain streams

  • Wet surfaces

  • Geographical features

  • Sudden bad weather

  • Emergency preparedness

  • How to read topo maps


...and many more useful and important details for safe and fun adventuring.

I am proud to have created this website, but I'm only one man, and it takes a lot of time, energy, passion, and of course, money to maintain and expand it. If you find The Map Room helpful and would like to support its continued growth, please consider making a donation or supporting The Map Room through other methods. Your support really does make a huge difference, and helps keep The Map Room online, free, and accessible to all.

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