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Your Library and Best Source of Resources and Information to Plan your Next Adventure or Expedition

Who We Are

        The Map Room was founded by an international group of local and expatriate friends in Asia's hidden outdoor paradise, Taiwan. We wanted to combine our knowledge and shared passion for adventure and exploration into a collection of resources for outdoors enthusiasts and world travelers - a sort of second Great Library, focused on hiking and river tracing (canyoning - but with a twist!), plus a sprinkling of international travel, with tools and information for the digital age.

        Over time, we’ve built up a body of knowledge, experience, resources, and of course, friends and contacts, allowing us to take our shared passion for hiking, river tracing, adventure, and the great outdoors to new levels. The Map Room is where we collect, store, and share what we have learned, plan our adventures, and welcome new friends.

        The Map Room is an archive, a library, and a source for new inspiration. Come on in and see what there is to discover!

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