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Kids in a tent

Family Friendly 家庭友善


Family friendly outdoor destinations in Taiwan

All recommendations, times, and other information are for average conditions with average water levels, and are for reference purposes ONLY. Please also see the important safety notes for each individual blog post in the Nitty Gritty section, as well as the 'How To Use This Resource guide below.

Baby / Toddler Friendly

Discover Taiwan's outdoors with our family focused 'Baby / Toddler Friendly' guide, tailored for babies, toddlers, and children up to 6 years old. Experience gentle river tracing, easy hikes, and other activities safe for the little ones. Create precious family moments in the heart of Taiwan's natural beauty. Adventure begins here!

Family Friendly Destinations

Explore Taiwan’s great outdoors with our ‘Family Friendly’ guide! Dive into river tracing adventures, hike scenic trails, and enjoy other activities perfect for kids aged 6-14. Uncover the beauty of Taiwan, creating unforgettable family memories. Your adventure awaits!


Welcome to The Map Room's page about family friendly river tracing, hiking, and other outdoor destinations in Taiwan! Here you will find links to our Baby / Toddler Friendly Destinations List and our Family Friendly Destinations List (see descriptions above). Things to note:

  • This resource will be updated regularly as new posts are released. Please check back often!

  • Locations marked as baby / toddler friendly are ONLY baby / toddler friendly up to certain points, not for the entire length of the route. Please see specific details about exactly how far is baby / toddler friendly in the Nitty-Gritty section of each individual post!

  • Most destinations have been researched and checked with real parents who have been there, or to similar places in Taiwan. 

  • All destinations on the Baby / Toddler List are also included in the Family Friendly list.

  • Please keep in mind that different families will have different ideas of what constitutes 'family friendly' or 'baby / toddler friendly.' These are TMR's best guides, and we hope they work for you!

  • These are outdoor destinations, so you may...

    • ...have no access to bathrooms.

    • ...need to carry kids in backpacks.

    • ...end up with kids getting dirty without a bath or shower nearby.

    • ...have an amazing time with your family in nature!

The Map Room's team has done our best to provide information about the following...

  • parking

  • family friendly camping

  • easy water access for play / cleaning up

  • interesting or more advanced options on site for teens or adults

  • hot springs and other options right on site

  • much more!

...but please bear in mind that we cannot always give every detail you might want in exactly the way you want it. Please use your best judgement, and consider the photos and videos in our posts, when deciding whether or not to take your children to any outdoor destination we may have listed.

So now, with all of that out of the way, get out there and show your family an amazing time in Taiwan's great outdoors!

All information on this page is intended for reference only. Preparing adequate food, water, and gear for your adventure, as well as following local rules and laws are, of course, your own responsibility! Always make sure that you check the weather for outdoor destinations, be careful and sensible for enclosed spaces like tunnels and bunkers, and bring a lighter - you never know when it could save your life! Now... get out there and have an amazing time!

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