Fengqi Sunset Trail Tunnels and Bunkers: Lost Labyrinth

Updated: Apr 20

Looking for your next adventure? How about an abandoned, labyrinthine maze of military bunkers, tunnels, and secret exits in to the high, hilly jungle overlooking the Taiwan Strait?

Difficulty: 3/10 for exertion, but see special considerations!


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Chinese name: Fengqi Luo Ri Budao 鳳崎落日步道

Time: Plan roughly 4 hours to get to the tunnel entrance, explore the entire tunnel system exhaustively (if you don't get lost), and get out.

Total ascent: Less than 300 meters elevation gain to the entrance of the the tunnel system.

Special considerations: BRING a reliable headlamp! Your cell phone light is NOT enough on its own! Also, be aware that, while there are clear arrows pointing towards exits, it is quite possible to get disoriented and lost down here in this vast and extensive tunnel system. Fortunately, it is laid out logically, and there are lots of exits, so even if you do get lost you will find a way out eventually.

NOTE: This is a dark, winding, and twisting system of tunnels that isn't, necessarily, technically supposed to be explored by the public. Local businesses, such as the cafe at the top of the hill, do take people into the tunnels, though, and there are clear indications all over that it is regularly visited.

Check out this video of our adventure in the tunnels!

Two of the many secret, jungle exits we encountered as we explored the tunnel system. Getting lost in here is possible, though there are arrows and numbers pointing the way, but even if you do get lost you should be able to find an exit reasonably quickly.

Looking out a bunker window at Taiwan's Fengqi Hiking Trail

Standing inside a large chamber - one of the few obvious, open indications of the tunnel system. While fun, and easily accessible, this bunker is no longer connected to the tunnels.

As soon as we entered the tunnel system, we found ourselves in this room. The Chinese exhorts soldiers to defend Taiwan with patriotic slogans.

Broom inside army tunnel in Taiwan

Arrows make it easy to find your way through the tunnels.

Exploring and climbing through lost bunker tunnels in Taiwan's Fengqi Sunset Trail area

Some areas are not for the faint of heart, but will delight those with more adventurous spirits!

For a simple system of bunkers and tunnels, there is a surprising amount of variety!

Peering down into a lost, lower level

There were many indications of a second sublevel, but every entrance had been blocked - perhaps intentionally - and there seems to be no remaining access to whatever was further below.

Inside one of the many, many hidden pillbox installations. These were built to allow the KMT troops to fire on any invaders from China in case of invasion. The tunnels were built to connect these together, and though the two exits to this one were blocked off, many were not.

More views from inside the bunker system.

Though long abandoned by humans, the tunnels are far from dead!

Beautiful trees and blue skies greeted us on the surface

We encountered this just beyond the main exit - which is not at all blocked, and at the time of writing had nothing to indicate that the tunnels were to be considered off limits.

People walk under the fallen tree at the tunnel entrance

The view from up the tree

An abandoned military building on the top of the hill our tunnels were in
Beautiful flowers and evening sky at the end of our underground journey
Even the sunset seemed bright after several hours exploring underground!

Sunset at Fengqi Sunset Trail

A tank, one of the many military monuments in the park.

Tanks for reading (yes, I really did go there...)!

All information on this page is intended for reference only. Preparing adequate food, water, and gear for your adventure, as well as following local rules and laws are, of course, your own responsibility! Always make sure that you check the weather for outdoor destinations, be careful and sensible for enclosed spaces like tunnels and bunkers, and bring a lighter - you never know when it could save your life! Now... get out there and have an amazing time!

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