A Bike Ride along the Taiwan Strait

Updated: Apr 29

Hsinchu 17 K Coastal Biking Route (新竹17公里海岸線)

Length of ride: 17 km (one way); 34 km (loop); 41 km (as shown in my route, with approach added on)

Time: 2 hours 20 minutes at a leisurely pace taking pictures

Google Map link to three more of the the many, many trailheads:

Nanliao (North) Trailhead

Xiangshan Wetlands (Center) Trailhead

Dutch Windmill (South) Trailhead

My GPS track link

GPX file:

t156201100_hsinchu- taiwan
Download GPX • 21KB

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A beautiful, flat, seaside bicycle riding route along a stretch of the coastline on the Taiwan Straight. It has scenery and locals, but it's also some good exercise.

Sometimes it's the things you least expect that are the most beautiful.

After taking my bike to the shop for some repairs, I decided to take the scenic Hsinchu 17 Kilometer Coastal Bike Route in Taiwan back to my apartment. I usually avoid it because I ride hard and fast for exercise, but the coastal route is so beautiful that it's invariably full of locals walking and riding around, sometimes too slowly for me to get any speed. But hey, I hadn't been there for quite a while and was up for a more relaxing ride that day, so... why not?

What a great decision! As it turned out, there weren't too many people there - it was getting on towards evening, after all. As I rode along, I found my self stopping more and more often to enjoy the view and snap photos... until it tuned into a photo expedition that only happened to be happening via bike.

I didn't get much exercise that day, but wow, what I got in exchange! Here are a few of the beautiful scenes I experienced riding along the Taiwan Strait just as the sun was getting ready to set.

The regularly spaced "stones" along the waters edge are actually all that remains visible of a

line of erosion stopping tetrapods. They're as tall as me, and the

typhoons have buried them this deep!

Tetrapods (see below) buried to their very tops in the sandy beach

along the typhoon-prone Taiwan Strait

A beautiful, striped stone on the sandy beach casts shadows over

dog tracks as the evening sun begins to set

The sun begins to set over distant China as tetrapod heads

cast long shadows on the sea shore

Tetrapod heads cast long shadows on the golden sands of Taiwan's coast

as the amber sunlight of late evening reflects off the water's surface

These tetrapods have fared much better against the Taiwanese typhoons over time.

Fishing line, rope and other flotsam and jetsam can be found all around and between them.

I decided to get off my bicycle for a little while to enjoy the beautiful colors.

It wasn't only me who wanted to enjoy the evening, of course. Four wheeled quadricycles

passed by here and there as families, friends and couples enjoyed

the cool air and beautiful light of the day's end.

Locals of all kinds were out and about!

Biking here is literally a literal breath of fresh air. There are places for smokers galore in Taiwan,

but for those of us who prefer natural air, this is a very pleasant place to come indeed.

This father seemed to think the same thing! Here he is riding a bike with his little boy.

More tetrapods - they line the entire 17 kilometers of the biking area, and extend

much further than that both to the north and the south.

Another local rides by on his bike as I enjoy the vibrant colors of the sunset.