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Finding the Exotic in Your Own Back Yard

Updated: Apr 16

Beauty and the exotic may be closer than you think


Sometimes it’s tempting for me to think we need to travel to far and distant lands to experience things truly exotic and beautiful… and other times I am suddenly reminded that, no matter where we are in the world, there are beautiful and wonderful things waiting for us just outside the door. No matter where you are, it’s an exotic location for someone, and no matter what you think of as exotic, for someone living there it’s just daily life.

I shot this picture of a beautiful sunset with views of mountains and the Taiwan Strait from the roof of the building where I work at the end of a work day. I didn’t even have my good camera with me – this is just something I shot with my cell phone and edited with a tablet. Yet… it’s beautiful, just like the experience, and like this place.

When life tries to convince you that you or the place you are in are nothing special, that it’s just normal and humdrum, don’t take the bait. Your place in the world, and your lifestyle in that place, are exotic to someone, somewhere.

Here’s a challenge for you, and it will only take a few minutes: Take the time to try to look at yourself and your life from the perspective of someone from a completely different part of the world and imagine what they might think and see when they look at you – you just might be surprised at what you see!

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