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Winter Sleeping Gear 2021

Updated: Apr 16

Here's the gear that kept me warm at night in the recent hike to Qilai - Nanhua Mountain in Taiwan. I'm also planning to take it to our upcoming hike to Mabolasi.

About the extra thermal ground roll, while I didn't try sleeping without it, I'm pretty convinced that it made a really big difference, given that we were sleeping right on crunchy, iced over ground.

About the other gear, people often bring a dedicated set of sleeping socks that they don't use for actual hiking, that's what the wool socks are for. I added the hat, neck tube, and gloves as extensions of the same idea. Yes, I have those that I'm using for hiking during winter days, and that does translate to extra weight and bulk, but I found having dry, warm extras indispensable on that freezing cold night!

Let me know what you think about it, and ask if you have any questions about specific gear!

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