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Updated: Apr 16

The Book of Names is a special, ongoing quest. It is a collection of people - their names, languages, cultures, countries, hopes, dreams, values, and all they hold dear. At last count, 133 people from 77 countries, identifying as members of 105 distinct cultural, ethnic, religious or other kinds of groups, had signed it in 77 written languages. People from all walks of life and all around the world have written everything from the profane to the profound in The Book, and in this gallery you can see and get to know more about some of them. Many remain unphotographed, and manhy of the photos I have taken were before I began to improve my photography, but they are still special enough to include here. In the future, I hope my photos will begin to do these wonderful people more justice.

Follow the link to learn more about the people, places, and languages in the Book of Names, and check back regularly for more additions and udpates!

One thing to note: most of these photos bear the copyright of an older website, Journeys on Quest, that has been transformed into and reimagined as The Map Room. Future additions to this gallery will reflect the new website, but these will retain the mark of the old one.

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