Taiwan's Beigang River: Huisun Hot Springs - in a cave! 台灣北港溪:山洞中的惠蓀溫泉!

Updated: Jun 28

Taiwan's Beigang River: Huisun Hot Springs - in a cave!


River trace through a deep canyon gorge in Taiwan to a one-of-a-kind hot spring in a cliffside cave!


All recommendations, times, and other information are for average conditions with average water levels. Please also see important safety notes for river tracing (below).

Length of trace:

Roughly 21 km there and back.


3.5 - 4.5 hours one way, depending on the fitness and swimming abilities of the group.

Water sources:

It's one big water source the whole way! Of course, it's better to take from a side stream (there are many), given that many people trace through here all the time. There is a great waterfall water source at the first camp site, for example. See also notes on water (below).


Bring enough for a full day hike, or overnight if you plan to camp over.

Gear and provisions:

River tracing-appropriate shoes and clothes (see remarks), helmets, waterproof backpack, life jackets for anyone who is not a strong swimmer, water filter or other treatment options (see below), a waterproof headlamp or flashlight, a lighter (always!). A basic rope may also be useful, but our group did not find it highly necessary on either visit. There is one place where it is very helpful, but there is currently a rope and innertube in place there. Details below.

Sun protection:

Highly recommended!

Family friendly:

Yes for teenagers 13 or older. Families who regularly do outdoor activities like hiking and river tracing together could try with children as young as 8, though they may find this strenuous. This will likely be strenuous for adults or teens in less than good physical condition. Good swimming skills, and possibly life jackets, will be essential. Use your best judgement.

Dog friendly:

Possibly, for larger, fit dogs with outdoor experience. You will need to lift them with harnesses at points. Use your best judgement.

The parking area at the trailhead. We were charged 元200 (roughly $6.60 USD) per person to enter the park in this vehicle.

Parking (Google Map link)

Google Map link to the trailhead

Rockfalls and dangerous creatures are common all over Taiwan. If you're used to being outdoors here, you shouldn't have much new to worry about!

GPX file and QR code 1 of 3 - Trailhead to front campsite 惠蓀溫泉一:登山口-前面營地:

t206721090_huisun hot spring 1-
Download GPX • 22KB

GPX file and QR code 2 of 3 - Campground-hot spring & back 惠蓀溫泉二:前面營地-溫泉縱走:

t156201193_huisun hot spring 2-
Download GPX • 12KB

Google Map link to Huisun Hot Spring 惠蓀溫泉

GPX file and QR code 3 of 3 - Front campground - exit 惠蓀溫泉三:前面營地-登山口:

t156201195_huisun hot spring 3-
Download GPX • 21KB

The view of the valley as you hike in. After leaving Huisun Hot Spring (惠蓀溫泉) trailhead, hike about 20 minutes over a hill along the small road from the trailhead. Go through the gate when you see these signs...

...then pass through the gate and look for the bridge.

We took things at a nice, relaxing pace, but the trace could be done much faster (see above).

Fellow Map Room Explorer Johan works on his video for his project,

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