Zhijiayang Mountain and Snow Mountain South Peak 台灣志佳陽山和雪山南峰

View of Zhongyang Jian Mountain (Zhongyangjian Mountain, 中央尖山) from Zhijiayang Mountain, Taiwan

Zhijiayang Mountain and Snow Mountain South Peak


Amazing views of Zhongyang Jian Mountain (Zhongyangjian Mountain), Snow Mountain, the Ridge of Death, and the Holy Ridge on the old, Japanese era route to Snow Mountain

The sunset lights up Taiwan's Zhongyang Jian Mountain in hues of red and pink and orange

Zhongyang Jian Mountain at sunset

Skill level:

High intermediate (Zhijiayang) - low advanced (Snow Mountain South Peak)

Length of hike (Trailhead - Zhijiayang Mountain):

About 10 km one way

Length of hike (Zhijiayang Mountain - Snow Mountain South Peak):

About 3.5 km one way


Trailhead - Zhijiayang Mountain (link 1; link 2):

MY time: 5:45

MAP time (see remarks): 9:40.


(Zhijiayang Mountain - Snow Mountain South Peak):

MY time: About 3 hours, including time for lots of pictures.

MAP time: 4 hours

Important note: Zhijiayang has two so-called peaks. There is really only one peak, but somehow the mapping point (where everyone takes their pictures) is a short distance below the real peak. Make sure not to stop at one without getting to the other!

IMPORTANT: I am very fast. For Zhijiayang, one good possibility is leaving early in the morning, dedicating the day for it, coming back in the evening, and having a head lamp just in case. For Snow South, spend the night, for example at the former site of the Syueshan (Xueshan, 雪山) cabin, just below the peak. You can get to Snow Mountain Main Peak from here as well!

The view from the top of Zhijiayang

Water sources:

  • You can get water from the creek on the way, in, but it should be filtered, and possibly boiled or treated, due to the high volume of hiking traffic in the area. There is also farming, so you might consider just bringing your own.

  • There is sometimes a pond at the Piaodan cabin (瓢簞山屋) and campsite, but it was completely dry when we passed by.

  • There is a water source just past the former site of the Syueshan (Xueshan, 雪山) cabin. It had water even during a historic drought in spring of 2021.

NEVER drink water from slow moving or still sources without treating it first, as fast moving water is cleaner and kills various nasty little creatures that could otherwise make you sick.

Water source just past the Xueshan (Syueshan / 雪山) Campground, where a cabin once stood. This photo was taken during a historic drought, so water should be available most times.

Gear and provisions: Good hiking shoes, hiking-appropriate clothes (see remarks), a lighter (always!), a headlamp or flashlight. For the day hike: lunch and snacks, possibly dinner. For overnighting, be ready, well, to spend the night. Hiking poles recommended.

Sun protection: Yes for the Zhijiayang area.